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Frequently Asked Questions

for our Airline users

RFP Process

How can I adapt my deadlines?

You can find the option to edit your deadlines (intend to bid / questions / proposal / shortlisting) in the RFP summary after selecting the title of the respecting RFP on your MROradar Dashboard. 
Once the deadline has passed, you can't edit it. 

How does the process before taking a decision work? (Next Round / Shortlisting)

Once the proposal deadline has passed, you can decide whether to initiate a new round or to short list immediately. Next round means that you can adapt your requirements and dates if you want and choose MROs from the previous list to participate. Those are able to confirm their proposal or adapt it. The shortlist is the last step of the RFP process with MROradar. It contains the MROs who met your expectations the most and will probably be part of the contract negotiations. When initiating a new round or shortlisting, you will receive the opportunity to provide some feedback for all MROs who participated in this RFP. In every case, the MRO will be informed about the status of his or her proposal in the notification centre and via E-Mail.

Am I informed about changes in my RFP status?

The most important updates are displayed in the notification center of MROradar when clicking on the bell in the header. You will receive information when one of your invited MROs intended to bid on your RFP, when he or she rejected to bid, when a proposal is submitted, when someone asked a question and when the deadline expired and the bid sheet has been created. Some information, especially about the bid sheet creation and new questions, are sent to you via mail from We are planning on also implementing an email notification for the event of intending or rejecting an RFP.

What happens after the deadline for an RFP expired?

Once the predetermined deadline expired, MRO's are still able to submit proposals. In order to close the RFP you have to press and confirm the red "Close RFP" button in the "RFP Status overview". All MRO's which have not submitted a proposal will be displayed.

How can I distinguish between proposals which were submitted before or after the predertermined deadline?

MRO's which submitted their proposal after the expiration date of the predetermined deadline, will be marked with the additional status "LATE" in front of the submission date in the RFP status overview.

for our MRO users

Proposal Creation and Company Details

Can I reject to (further) participate in an RFP?

As MRO, you have the choice whether to participate or not in each and every RFP and every second round you have been invited to. In the RFP summary you can either intend to bid or reject. The airline will be informed when you made a choice. Once you rejected, you cannot participate in this RFP anymore. 

Am I informed about changes in my proposal status?

The status of your proposal will be updated in the notification center of MROradar when clicking on the bell in the header.  You will receive information about the invitation to a new RFP, shortlistings, declined proposals, deadlines (upcoming / changed / expired) and new comments or answers which the airline submitted. Those information are also sent to you via mail from in order to make sure that you don't miss any important details.

How can I adapt my company details and profile?

MROradar provides a function for MRO users to state some information about their company, locations and capabilities in order to allow airlines to consider those when choosing their best suitable MRO partner. You can adapt those information by clicking on the avatar in the upper right hand corner of the platform and selecting the icon "Company Details". Now you can add an "About" text for describing your company, the URL of your website, locations, capabilities and corresponding A/Cs.  You can also upload your company logo in this section. We recommend you to maintain this page constantly because it will be an important aspect for the airline when choosing which MRO to invite to participate in an RFP.  Changes can be made at any time. 

How does the process before taking a decision on airline side work?

Once the proposal deadline has passed, the airline can decide whether to initiate a second round with adapted requirements and dates or to shortlist immediately. If you are invited to a second round, you can again complete a proposal. If you are shortlisted, the airline will provide you with further information. If your proposal was declined, you are no longer part of this RFP. In every case, the MRO will be informed about the status of his or her proposal in the notification centre and via E-Mail. 

How can I attach files to my proposal?

In the documents section of your proposal you find the headline "Other". Any supporting documents can be uploaded.

Pricing Model

In which case am I charged when using MROradar?

MROradar is free of charge for airline users. For MROs, a small transaction fee based on proposal volume will be charged in case they get shortlisted. The potential fee will be displayed right before submitting the proposal. Except for that, everything is for free for all our users. As we want you to try out the benefits of MROradar yourself, your first shortlisting will be completely free of charge.

How do you calculate the transaction fee?

Every proposal up to 150 000 EUR volume is free of charge. 
The transaction fee amounts a small percentage of the total fixed price and MROradar uses a staggering system with defined ranges in which a fixed fee is valid. 
You can look up the ranges in the following table. As we want you to try out the benefits of MROradar yourself, your first shortlisting will be completely free of charge.

Total fixed price up to Fee
150.000, 00 EUR 00,00 EUR
500.000,00 EUR 150,00 EUR
1.000.000,00 EUR 500,00 EUR
1.500.000,00 EUR 750,00 EUR
2.000.000,00 EUR 1.000,00 EUR
4.000.000,00 EUR 1.300,00 EUR
5.000.000,00 EUR 2.000,00 EUR
6.000.000,00 EUR 2.500,00 EUR
above 6.000.000,00 EUR 3.000,00 EUR




Which currency does MROradar use and where is it converted?

 As an airline user, you can chose either USD or EUR for material and labor costs. In the proposal input process on MRO side, the total fixed price is converted to EUR which you can see in the aircraft-specific pricing specification. Fees apply to this total fixed price and will be charged in EUR as well. The exchange rate of is used and updated once a day.

How does the invoicing process work?

At the moment, we will ask you to complete your invoicing details manually. We're planning on implementing this into MROradar in the future and keep you informed about this. Invoicing will be on a monthly basis. 


How does the communication flow via MROradar work?

MROradar covers the whole communication process until the shortlist is created. MROs can ask about RFPs, airlines can decide whether to answer only to this MRO or to all MROs who are invited to the RFP if they think it is relevant. Another possibility of adding information is the comment function including the option to upload information files. Airlines can also provide feedback to single sections and whole proposals. When initiating a second round or shortlisting, they can send individual texts and MROs will be notified via mail and in the notification center of the platform.

Is MROradar a neutral platform?

MROradar hosts precontractual and contract relevant information and thus, we are totally aware of our responsibility of operating as intermediate between airlines, lessors, operators and MROs. User specific data and data related to the activities our users perform within the platform is safely stored and not accessible to anyone not invited / related to RFPs and proposals.

MROradar is a completely neutral, secure and independent platform available to all airlines and MROs which means that we are not able to view commercial data and cannot discriminate in favor of certain providers and demanders. The platform operator will only use those data for purposes of service, statistics, preventing abuse and legal defense, informing our users, and improve our services. Data will not be passed to third parties.

Can you draw conclusions from my user behavior and data?

Data privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Not only because we are legally not allowed to access the proposal details or also RFP data from a competition compliance point of view, but also because a platform like MROradar can only work if we can guarantee our users that their data is absolutely save. 
The only information that we get from MROradar is what range the proposal volume was in, so that our accounts receivable can perform the invoicing.

Can I leave MROradar again?

Leaving the platform is possible at any time and needless to say, completely free of charge. If you want to do so, please send an email to We are trying to implement as much user feedback as possible. If you are not satisfied with MROradar or think that we might need to come up with certain features, please feel free to contact us. 

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