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RFP as easy as ABC - Your RFP navigator for aircraft maintenance.

What is MROradar?

MROradar is a digital RFP platform for aircraft maintenance that enables airlines / lessors and MROs to have a lean, efficient & comparable request for proposal (RFP) process. 
They can create RFPs including one or several aircraft maintenance, aircraft service or aircraft painting events and publish them to their desired MROs with one click, or simply by inviting them via e-mail.
Our platform supports the whole RFP process starting with the creation of the RFP to the creation of the bid sheet, including functionalities to rate and shortlist the proposals and provide feedback. Start now and receive instantly compareable aircraft maintenance proposals from your MRO providers.

MROradar is a completely neutral, secure and independent platform available to all airlines and MROs.

Benefits for Airlines / Lessors / Operators

MROradar guides you on your way to find the ideal MRO provider for your needs. Proposals get easily compared through a standardized step-by-step process. Keeping you always up-to-date with status overviews and notifications, MROradar gives you full RFP transparency.

Join us now and receive more and better proposals with the digital revolution – MROradar. The RFP navigator.

Benefits for MROs

Join MROradar today and open a new sales channel for free - be visible as MRO provider to the global base maintenance market and receive more RFPs!
The creation of your profile including locations and capabilities is free of charge and MROradar offers several more opportunities to boost your business.

Gain access to more RFPs in an easy-to-understand framework providing all the information and functions you need to fill in your proposals more efficient.

Always be up to date through automatic status updates, overviews and notifications.

MROradar in Aviatar

Join the future of aviation

MROradar is a dedicated app on AVIATAR, a holistic software platform offering a wide array of digital services for the aviation industry. Together with its customers and partners AVIATAR leads the aviation industry into the digital age. Build your own applications on AVIATAR and transform a whole industry.